Pivoted to high-ticket offer and keep hearing, “I can’t afford it”…
Posted on June 5, 2024

But for real though…it can be so f’n humbling to think you’ve got it all figured out with your hourly/done for you services

And then pivot to high-ticket and can’t make one freakin sale!

And you KNOW how bad they need your services and paying for it is THE thing to get them results.

Yeah I’ve been there! 🤯

Selling high-ticket IS different than low ticket and you need these 3 things. 🔥

👉🏻 a bada$$ offer people are willing to pay top dollar for that isn’t a copy of a copy of all the other high ticket offers already out there

👉🏻 a SIMPLE marketing strategy to connect the dots for your audience and have them take the next step with you

👉🏻 lean into selling so that your conversion rate doesn’t plummet with this new high ticket offer…this is a skill you CAN learn

Basically selling high ticket isn’t harder

But you DO need a new toolbox of skills and I don’t know any 6 or multi-6 figure biz owners who were born knowing these things!

If you’re the type of biz owner who is ready to stop f’n around and successfully create, launch, and sell out your high ticket offer

DM me ‘support’ so that we can hop on a FREE zero-pressure call so that you have clarity around which of those 3 things is your kink in the hose to fix so that you can book some high ticket clients already!

I have one weeklong coaching intensive left this month where we spend a week together 1:1 and you get all the BTS support my VIP clients get 🔥

Take it from someone who has scaled a $79k a year offer into $239k a year organically and while working less and being with my 3 girls more ❤️

When you DM ‘support’ you’ll get the link to my schedule to see if we’re a coaching fit!

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