Picture it…you’re no longer supporting a boatload of clients and working 24/7 just to pay yourself peanuts.
Posted on June 5, 2024

You have successfully pivoted from your DFY services to DWY for $10k plus months.

👉🏻 You have an offer that combines your bada$$ DFY service into something high-ticket that your clients are willing to pay good money for.

👉🏻 You know the value you bring to the table and are able to easily communicate it in your content and on your sales calls so you no longer play the dancing monkey or have to be the low-price leader just to book a client.

👉🏻 You can support fewer clients on a deeper level which frees up more time for your family and enjoy the freedom you wanted when you started your biz.

This is your new reality because you were one of the Savvy DFY service providers who pivoted to DWY for $10k plus months with my FREE training…⤵️

Your Six-Figure Switch. This training gave you the exact shifts necessary to successfully create, launch, and scale a high-ticket offer by repackaging your bada$$ DFY services.

You received the playbook + the livestream that gave you an edge that most DFY providers don’t have and see their attempt at high-ticket flop.

You’re so grateful to your previous self for DMing me “switch” to get exclusive access to this training!

Now that I’ve painted the picture of what’s possible…what are you going to do?

Are you going to keep scrolling and pretend you never saw this and keep overworking and underearning with your DFY services OR…

Are you going to be one of the Savvy DFY providers who makes the pivot to DWY for $10k months?

The choice is yours but if you’re a mama who doesn’t want a huge client roster, doesn’t want a huge team, and doesn’t want to spend money on ads….I’d recommend the second option!

💰DM me “switch”

And join the countless biz owners who have made their own six-figure switch using the foundation shift, real-life examples, and journal prompts to make it your own and implement NOW.

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