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jordan ilderton

Jordan Ilderton

Growing up my favorite game was “starting businesses”. I loved keeping notebooks of income and expenses for whatever business I had ‘started’ that day (a sports equipment rental company was a favorite). I loved the idea of business owners giving their talents to the community.

And so Ilderton Bookkeeping & Advisory, LLC was born. Over the past 6+ years, I have worked with my clients to increase their profit and peace in their businesses.

The first 5 years of my business were “successful” (I doubled my revenue each year) but I never knew when or where the next client would come from.  It was a little unnerving and I never felt that I had a good process for getting new clients.

A little backstory….I was always taught that “Good accountants don’t advertise” and had to really work through some of the self-limiting beliefs about what a CPA *should* look like.  Our brains our sneaky little things and can easily find ways to keep us *safe* and hold us back from mind blowing results!

These past two years, I got clear on my sales process (that feels good to me) and learned to enjoy selling and the journey!  In 2021, I hit the six-figure mark for my revenue!  I finally gave myself credit for making more money working for myself (less than FT hours) than I ever did working FT (plus some) for someone else!  

This was SUCH an enlightening moment for me!  When I gave myself credit for this it unleashed something within me.  No more holding back.  No more playing small.  No more wondering what my in-laws or people from high school will think.

What I know to be true, is when we go all in on ourselves, we will never let ourselves down!  This serves us AND our people.  We use our heads and our hearts so we can serve the sh** out of our clients and change their lives!

I love and appreciate my journey (I was working with 1-3 kids at home) but getting to my target revenue was a ‘sloow as molasses’ process when I operated from fears and self-limiting beliefs.

My mission is to support you to your version of next-level revenue and massive take-home profit!  I want to demystify your sales process, set up stree-free systems, and create repeatable success!



I have created a business that I LOVE and I want that for you as well. Let’s work together to build your business in a way that feels right to YOU. I’m so happy you’re here and can’t wait to get started!

Fun Fact: I love singing with my 3 girls in the car, looking for shark’s teeth, family walks around the block, and being outside in any capacity!

SC CPA license #9324
QuickBooks ProAdvisor Online

sara sokol

Sara Sokol

Amazing Bookkeeper!

Sara Sokol is a recent college graduate with an Associate’s focused in Accounting and Business Management. She currently resides in Maryland where she holds a full-time position as an office manager and administrative support for a pediatric dental office. Sara graduated with honors and completed her degree in coordination with her full-time position and while planning her wedding.

She has been married for 2 years to her husband, Matt, who is a senior system administrator for a technical support company. They have a Westie named Ovi, named after famous Washington Capitals hockey player, Alex Ovechkin. They also have a 3-legged rescue cat named Hobbes. In her spare time, Sara loves to read, and entertain family and friends.

Two interesting fun facts: She played the oboe for 13 years, and she is a twin (and so is her mother)!

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