One word that helped me increase cash by $32k in 2023
Posted on February 21, 2024

(and made it my best year to date)!

My word of the year for 2023 was OVERFLOW.

Overflow means having over and beyond. More than enough. Even more than abundance.
Exceeding my expectations in every way.

The result? A record-breaking year with increased revenue, loyal clients, new faces, and even a whole month off in July! 🎉

OVERFLOW pushed me to break through my perceived limits in client numbers and cash. I viewed every task as a crucial part of a bigger plan…turning small actions into big results.

Don’t we all do some version of this? We have a limit on what we think is possible in terms of clients and cash.

We have this ceiling or a cap on what we believe we can have and hold.

My actions in 2023 were taken from a place of overflow and seeing that my daily actions and ‘routine’ tasks were steps and pieces of a bigger plan. Of bigger results.

Seeing all these seemingly ‘small’ pieces as part of my creation of overflow gave them so much more power!

Here’s my invitation to you: Start seeing your daily efforts as stepping stones to your big goals.

👉Each time you sell you’re getting closer.
👉Each time you have a call it’s part of the bigger plan.
👉Take the stance that all these ‘little’ things are actually creating the clients + the cash you want.

If you’re feeling like you’re so far away from your goals…I hear you and I know you’re closer than you think! You don’t need a huge audience. You don’t need a quarter of a million followers to make a quarter of a million dollars!

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Stop wasting time chasing followers and instead, use the overflow of the people already in front of you!

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