One trap I see business owners get caught in when trying to fill their client roster OR just book their first client 👇
Posted on February 8, 2024

It sounds so appealing….like you can just buy a ‘strategy in a box’, sit back, and let the money come rolling in.

In this Amazon/InstantPot society….we are so used to dropping some $$ and getting fast results.

It’s even happened to me….I was listening to a podcast and at the end I heard their pitch. There was a minute when I was swept up with some shiny promises and fast results… but after being in this online space for 8 years…I know if it sounds too good to be true? It is!

Isn’t that a b****? We SO want to believe that THIS time it’s different. That THIS thing I can buy will solve all my problems.

This template…this course….this sales script…and no one will have objections, clients sign up immediately, and pay in full.

We want to believe, “If I could just pay someone…they’ll have the answer.”

But I’ve seen business owners spend $30k-$50k a year on this shiz and then have zero additional revenue to show for it and feel shamed and guilty for their decisions.

The online space with beautiful graphics, and websites and perfectly worded posts….it is so easy to get caught up and swept away.

What I know to be true…is that YOUR business has the answers you need. Listen to it.

What is resonating with your audience? 👉Do more of that.

What objections do you hear over and over? 👉Speak to that early and often.

Slow down. Get to neutral. Do your research. Ask yourself, “Does this close the gap that I have?”

Because I don’t want to just stand on a soap box and rant to you…I’m offering FREE 1:1 support. This is a free call so that you know what *real* support looks like.

You’ll understand why four clients increased their net income by $15k, $50k, $100k and $200k in 2023 from 2022. It’s from having someone in their corner who knows them and their business.

Comment “$10k” to grab your spot and experience what having someone in your corner feels like!

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