One thought that will repel $10k months as a DFY service provider ⤵️
Posted on March 25, 2024

The thought/belief that you need to have all your ducks in a row to make $10k months.

Y’all this is HUGE! If you’re sitting on your hands right now waiting until each step along the path is perfectly laid out for you…best of luck b/c that ain’t happening!

And it’s kind of laughable to think that it would!

But I get it…you have a human brain. A brain that wants to scan the horizon for danger. A brain that wants to keep you safe and follow a perfectly laid out plan.

That type of thinking can keep you ‘safe’ (althought I’d argue you’re not that ‘safe’ if you’re not getting uncomfortable) but that type of thinking won’t make you $10k months.

If you’re a DFY service provider who doesn’t have $10k months the thing you probably need is support. And waiting until the ‘perfect’ time to get that support is costing you clients and costing you revenue (opportunity cost if we want to tap into Econ 101).

But I’m willing to guess…if $10k months are really on your heart…you aren’t willing to WAIT any longer.

You’re probably all out of f***s + ready to stop playing small.
If you’re here, you’re ready to find a better way.

You’ve done the hourly rate.
Lowering your prices just to book a client.

And you are D.O.N.E.

I’ve got a better way! And it starts with my FREE Strategy Session: Create Your High Ticket Offer! Instead of trying to get to $10k months with your DFY services, we’re going to repackage them into a premium offer with premium pricing. This NEW offer is what will get you to $10k months with less clients, less work, and more freedom!

You’ll walk away with a new offer you can roll out ASAP! Don’t wait- these spots are limited and you don’t want to waste anymore time trading your time for money.

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