One thing I know after making 33 consecutive $10k plus cash months is…
Posted on February 8, 2024

Business hasn’t changed that much over the years.

➡️ Sure someone will sell you a course on ‘how to create a course that sells like crazy’

➡️ Or the 3 step DM strategy ‘for high ticket service providers like yourself’

➡️ Or even ‘no fail’ done for you content templates to take someone from a cold to a hot lead.

Booking clients and making recurring five-figure months is created by building relationships.

Point blank.

Sure you can use some of those tools people are selling but going into debt over it or making zero profit?

No thanks!

Go back to basics.

How do you like to build relationships?
What just naturally works for you?

Yes we’re online and have so many ‘resources’ now but…don’t get wrapped up thinking you’re ’missing something’.

If you’re a human…go build real relationships with other humans!

Cut the crap. Cut the confusion.
Cut flushing good $ down the 🚽.

I’m just saying…before you buy…ask yourself if the person selling is actually making something more confusing than it needs. THAT is typically why biz owners buy what they don’t need.

And it’s why I’m opening two Create $10k Monthly Recurring Revenue intensives in February!

This is 1:1 support for a biz owner who wants a simple process to be able to book clients again and again in an intentional and repeatable way WITHOUT being the dancing online monkey!

Is one spot meant to be yours?

If you’re ready to cut the overwhelms and stop wasting ⏰ and 💰 your best next step is to grab one of my FREE $10k Content Strategy Audit Calls- together we’ll get back to basics with your content strategy so that you can take less action and book clients easier.

Do less better. Comment ‘$10k for your 🔗 or grab the 🔗 in my bio!

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