One reason my clients get epic results…
Posted on February 21, 2024

One reason my clients get such epic results and increase revenue by tens of thousands is this ⤵️

They’re making sure someone is interested before they pitch. 👏

And okay, let’s just normalize that results typically aren’t from just ONE thing but…this is a big one!

Let’s play this out in ‘real life. When we purchased our LSV (low-speed vehicle) if the color was neon green it wouldn’t matter the price because we just weren’t interested.

*We landed on an Oyster color (which I love being in the Lowcountry) but if neon green speaks to you- you do you!*

Same for your offer…if it’s not the right offer for someone or they can’t see how it would solve the problem they have…you could offer it for a $1 and they wouldn’t buy.

My call to you…make sure someone is on board before you pitch! I know it’s so simple. And we like to overcomplicate things but this will save you so much back and forth with a potential client.

Just ask them, “Is this something that sounds like would support you?”
Or “Does this sound like something you want to hear more about?”

Just like there is zero-point in someone pitching us a neon green cart….let them tell you if they’re a good fit OR they can self-select out.

Not only does this stop wasting both of your time it’s just good for your mindset! When you know it’s literally not about the price, it’s about what the person in front of you needs at that time…business feels so much easier!

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