One Metric To Look At TODAY
Posted on February 5, 2023

Knowing your sales conversion rate can tell you SO much!

➡️ If it’s low…maybe you need more qualified people coming through your sales process.

➡️ If it’s low…maybe it’s an opportunity to lean into objections and LISTEN more on your sales call.

➡️ If it’s high..are you truly discerning for ‘best fit’? Honestly ask if you’re booking clients from a place of lack and scarcity OR because you can genuinely support them!

We don’t want to make ourselves wrong here!

Looking at this metric is a beautiful opportunity to learn something in your business…that you can use to adjust how you connect AND show up for potential clients!

My opinion…is that a sales call is an opportunity to learn and discern if:

A) I can help solve the problem they have and

B) Are we a good fit to work together?

It doesn’t need to be this charged energy where a ‘no’ is bad and ‘yes’ is good.

Let’s good neutral and use it as a learning and growth opportunity!

I’d love to know…have you calculated this metric in your business?

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