One client went from $70/month revenue ➡️ $2000/month of revenue.
Posted on January 28, 2024

When we started working together she was ‘full’ but she was charging such a low price point she reported that:
‘It didn’t even feel worth it.”

👉 She is also a wife.
👉 She is also a mother.
👉 She is also a daughter.

She didn’t have time to ‘give away’ so we worked together on her higher touch/higher ticket offer.

AND started to fill her roster with the higher ticket clients so that she can stay full.

Building 6-figure revenue isn’t based on getting the next client.

Building 6-figure revenue is built on a process that is on rinse and repeat!

“Do simple better” is the reason my clients fill their rosters with high-touch clients and services.

Let’s build your 6-figure revenue by creating a process that is a well-oiled machine.

NOT by racing to the bottom with low prices and getting burned out.

Do simple better.

If you’re ready to charge a higher price tag for your higher touch services…I got you!

As someone who started 8 years ago charging
$35/hr to someone who makes $20k cash months I’ve been there!

And I’m the perfect person to support you with the mindset + strategy that goes into this kind of pivot.

Truth be told: it isn’t easy. But it IS worth it!

Your best next step to grab my FREE $10k Content Strategy Audit 📲!

On this call we can identify:
➡️ the pain point of your new audience
➡️ how YOU can solve that pain point with your high touch services
➡️ the mindset + strategy to make this pivot

Whatever is relevant to you, you’ll walk away with action steps to take now!

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