OMG I hear it all the time…
Posted on March 14, 2023

-which planner is best?
-which platform should I use?
-I need to update my website/branding photos/insert *whatever*

My friend…those are just TOOLS.

They do not replace your vision and your consistent strategy.

You can book clients with a homemade website your friend from college made.

You can book clients from photos your sister took with an iPhone and a good filter.

You can use a regular old notebook or Word doc to map out your strategy.

If you think those are the *things* to book clients…you are going to be spending money on ALL the things and still not book more clients or make more money for a loooong time!

My revenue was $168k annually before I officially did my website and got branding photos.

My first FIVE years of business were built with a homemade website and iPhone photos.

Having a vision and a strategy to consistently show up in front of your audience is THE way to book more clients and make more revenue.

If spending $ feels like the easy answer and creating a repeatable strategy feels hard…I hear you AND I got you!

Your best next step is to join me for a FREE Consistent Content For Consistent Five-Figure Months Call!

Together, we’ll create a content framework that works for YOU and your life.

We’ll define the topics and themes you want to talk about, we’ll organize them into easy action steps so you know exactly what to write about the next time you’re staring at a blank screen.

No more throwing 💰 on the next *thing*!

You will walk away from this call with a clear content strategy so you know exactly what to focus on to show up consistently to get on the path for those five-figure months you SO desire!

So what are you waiting for? Stop limiting your revenue and take-home pay, and book a call!
Your spot is waiting!

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