Okay, let’s get real…
Posted on June 19, 2022

How many big purchases have you made where you didn’t have to think on it for a beat? 🤔💸

I’ll admit, even for small-ticket items, I tend to drag my feet! Does anyone else stand in the cereal aisle doing a mental cost analysis on each one?

If you are selling a high ticket item, you need to be prepared to follow up multiple times.

Statistically speaking, only 2️⃣% of sales are made at the first contact with a prospective client.

Does your sales process include follow-up with at least 5️⃣ outreach efforts? If you feel icky following up that many times…please stop now!

Here’s a personal example….There was a concert I really wanted to go to! I saw the tickets go on sale and made a mental note to purchase. I saw it again and made (another) mental note to purchase it but didn’t stop and do it.

It took multiple times for me to stop in my tracks, pull out my credit card, and purchase something I really wanted.

If you aren’t following up with prospective clients…you are losing sales.

It’s an easy fix! Look at your sales process and figure out how to build in the follow-up not just once, or twice, but multiple times!

Think about doing it in a way that feels good, personal, and genuine. Let your personality shine. If your buyer is the right person and the right fit, they will be glad to have you show up and remind them.

So get past the ‘follow up is icky’ feeling and you can make some big changes in your business! You can increase your capacity to serve others AND increase your income. 🙌

If you want some support around this schedule a FREE Honesty Call. We’ll talk honestly about what that would look like in your business and how to make it feel good to you! 🔗 in bio

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