Oh the truth comes out! 🙈
Posted on March 25, 2024

I’ve invested with a 1:1 coach for (almost) 2 years now AND it’s been the best 💴 I ever spent.

Prior to that I was in a mastermind.
Before that a group program.

But while I sit here now and wax poetic about how da** amazing getting 1:1 support is…

The fact is it took me YEARS to get here!
And I’m a 1:1 coach myself! 🤦🏻‍♀️

While I don’t think everyone needs 1:1 support all the time I whole heartedly KNOW that getting 1:1 support was the thing to catapult me to $20k months.

If I had known…I would have gotten out of my own f’n way + done it sooner.

Who knows how many tens of thousands of 💴 I left on the table?

But me not being able to invest bc of fear and not be able to get out of my own way…

WAS the exact reason I needed support!

It’s hilarious to think that you should have all your 🦆 in a row before you invest.

Or that you *need* the clients + cash sitting around before you invest SO THAT you can book clients + cash.

Those are the exact reasons TO invest but our 🧠 tell use we need to have it all perfectly laid out first which is backward!

Instead of buying your 🧠s own BS that you’re not ‘ready’

How about playing with the thought, ‘What if 1:1 support with Jordan who has a proven track record IS actually the thing to support me to $10k months?’

A track record like:

💴 A client who made NEW revenue of $17,377 in their first 6 months working with me!

🥂 And another who just had her first $20k month in Jan 2024!

Listen..we all have our own journey…but if you’re a DFY service provider who is ready for $10k plus months follow @ilderton_bookkeeping_coaching for the mindset + methods for 5️⃣-figure months that just don’t 🛑!

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