No matter how many times you scream ‘Don’t go down the stairs!’
Posted on June 5, 2024

The character in the horror movie is going to do it.

We all know how this story ends.

I’ve been in business long enough to spot a person walking down the proverbial scary movie stairs a mile away.

The business owner who says, “When my biz takes off I’ll hire you.”

Or ‘When I have a full roster of clients I’ll call you!”

Except their biz doesn’t take off and they don’t book a full roster of clients.

Again, I know how this story ends.

They stay stuck + frustrated.

They don’t make $10k months + they don’t fill their roster with premium clients.

They make themself wrong + may even close their business.

The reason they ‘can’t’ hire me is exactly the reason they need to!

Any successful biz owner you look up to making $10k (plus) a month, probably has support.

It’s bananas to think you should be able to:
👉🏻 Create a high ticket offer
👉🏻 Perfectly market and connect the dots for your audience
👉🏻 Navigate money objections perfectly
👉🏻 Handle hiring them and sticky situations there perfectly
👉🏻 Knowing what to do when a client ghosts you or doesn’t pay
👉🏻 And deliver this service perfectly

Oh and make $10k monthly recurring revenue.

It’s a fallacy to think every multi-six figure biz owner you see online is doing it alone. ❌

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