New level new devil 😈
Posted on October 9, 2022
When we’ve been around for a while and have gotten more experience and our clients more results ➡️ it’s time to raise prices!

This may sound easier than it is. 🤨

What I often see ( and support clients around) is that mindset stuff gets majorly kicked up when it’s time to raise prices!

Feeling ‘enough’ whether it’s
👉🏻 good enough
👉🏻 experienced enough
👉🏻 or just wondering ‘what people will think’

We talk about it all AND the strategy behind it.

Raising prices may not necessarily look like putting a higher price tag on everything. It may mean progressively raising prices, creating bunches, or some other strategy that fits your biz goals. 📊

If you’re at a place where you KNOW you need to raise prices but doing so feels *sticky*.
I invite you to book a FREE Get Honest With Your Strategy To Scale call.

There is ONE remaining in September 🎉. One this call we can talk pricing and ALL the things coming up around it. You’ll walk away with ideas to add more revenue in a way that fits your business goals.
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