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Posted on March 24, 2022
Hey y’all- I love working with other business owners and how we all show up and support each other!
But I often feel like there are a lot of questions they’re uncomfortable asking in a big group.
I’ve started a group, Peaceful and Profitable Entrepreneurs and want this to be a place where business owners can talk about things that they may not feel comfortable bringing to a bigger group.
It’s a place for aspiring and current entrepreneurs to dream, brainstorm, get creative get feedback/support along the way!
Whether you want to figure out your unique core differentiators, how to get more customers or clients, how to increase profitability we are here to support you!
Feel free to try out your first social media post, ask for help, run your business ideas by others, or look for more biz friends!
My name is Jordan, I am a Growth & Profitability Coach with a background as a CPA and bookkeeper.
For more info about me visit my website

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