My word for this year is PLAY
Posted on February 8, 2024

…this may sound simple but for me, it’s a great reminder because I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself as a mom and business owner. Juggling the responsibilities and obligations to keep all the balls in the air…it can be tedious.

Choosing ‘PLAY’ as my guiding word was an intentional decision. I knew it would stretch me. I knew it would show me areas I could lean into and lighten up. Or find the humor. Or make something more fun.

This year my business isn’t about ‘growth’ just for the sake of more…when I open 1:1 VIP coaching spots…it will be because it feels fun and expansive to me AND because I know I’m working with the right business owners.

Working with business owners who have been struggling and feel frustrated is so fun for me.

I look at their business like a game that we get to PLAY (there’s that word again).

I’m in their corner and it’s just an equation that we figure out so that they can win (whatever winning looks like for them) the game that is their business.

This year, I’m bringing more fun to the work I do with clients and my life.

Because….I already have the perfectly imperfect life and business that is better than my wildest dreams…so why not just play and enjoy it?

PLAY is more than just a word for me…it’s a new way of living and experiencing life.

Let’s make 2024 a year of delightful discoveries, endless laughter and silliness, and playful adventures. Are you with me?

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