My multi-6-figure advice for when you’ve been a ‘spender’ and now don’t trust yourself to invest your business….
Posted on March 25, 2024

Maybe you look back on your spending habits and feel a twinge of regret.

Maybe you’ve splurged on gadgets, trendy Lululemon, or all those $37 online courses promising results in 2.5 seconds.

It’s so easy to let ‘spender’ tendencies in the past dictate how we make $$ decisions and invest in our business in the future.

But it’s time for a heart-to-heart:
❤️ Your past doesn’t define your future ❤️

AND investing in your business by partnering with a coach isn’t just another expense.

It’s a strategic move toward growth and revenue.🙌

Unlike the fleeting pleasure of a Lululemon outfit or the dopamine hit from all those online courses….investing in someone who challenges your limiting beliefs, knows your tendencies, and encourages you to rise above…gives a ROI that can fundamentally change the trajectory of your business.

If you haven’t trusted yourself in the past with your spending…let’s have some real talk.

And while I don’t know your specific history, my experience from countless coaching sessions tells me this: Personal spending habits and business investments are worlds apart.

The 2 just aren’t related.

Spending too much $$ on leggins or online courses isn’t the same as investing in 1:1 support with someone who reflects to you when you’re playing small, getting in your own way, and overall wanting to tap out before it all ‘pops’!

Unlike the temporary joy from past purchases, the ROI from coaching can be transformative.

Your history as a ‘spender’? It’s merely the prologue to your success story as someone who dares to trust yourself and your business.

If you’re a DFY service provider who is ready for an ROI not just in numbers but in growth, confidence, and scalability…your best next step is to grab my FREE Strategy Session: Create Your High Ticket Offer. This is free 1:1 coaching to give you clarity around how to repackage your experience and knowledge into an offer that brings in $10k months *without* working more.

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