My favorite part of my job is problem-solving!
Posted on June 24, 2022

I don’t claim to have all the answers (and run far away from someone who does) but I do know that I can figure things out. 🧐

Let’s use a common complaint like, “I can’t raise prices.”

If that truly is the case, what else can you do? How else can we increase revenue?

There are many ways to increase the perceived value to your customers without adding much cost on your end. Of course, we’re talking about doing this with integrity.

But something that I find valuable to remember is that you don’t have to be stuck.

*Being* stuck and *Feeling* stuck are totally different things!

Being in business is such an evolution. We can test and tweak new things.

When we are willing to try things from a neutral standpoint (vs feeling all charged up about the outcome) we get much better results!

I have so many clients who are willing to get creative with their business (COVID taught us big lessons) and as a result, have increased revenue.

Even if they couldn’t raise prices they were able to raise revenue.

It’s a matter of looking at your business, getting curious, and trying new things!

If you’re ready to get curious in your business, book a free Honesty Call with me! We’ll talk about all the things going well in your business and how to create more of that- 🔗 here:

Jordan Ilderton

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