My Favorite Hobby!
Posted on March 16, 2022

Do you have a hobby you regularly commit to?

My goal is to go shark teething hunting each week! This doesn’t always happen- especially with cold weather!

My goal is to check these things at the beginning of the week:
1) my meeting/work schedule
2) the weather
3) the tides

Sometimes the stars literally have to align for all of these to sync up for a trip searching for shark teeth.

But I have learned that taking this time outside in nature, with the sun on my face, breeze through my hair, birds singing in my ears, me singing to myself, and my boots or toes in the sand will change how productive I am at work.

So, the more shark teething hunting I do, the more productive I should be, right?! 😉

What’s your hobby you’ll skip work for?

PS- my daughter asked how many shark teeth I have so I did a rough calculation.

On average, I gather about 60 shark teeth each time. Let’s say I’ve gone on 2 trips per month for the past eight months. That’s 960 shark teeth! I know I’ve been on more trips than that and sometimes I get like 90 teeth in one ‘hunt’. So I’m going with around 1,000 🙂

PPS- the starfish was found in Antigua (already dead).

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