My client’s journey from sporadic and overwhelmed to streamlined and $9975 PayPal payouts. ⤵️
Posted on June 5, 2024

When this client and I started working together she had a whole suite of offers. Mostly $200 and under.

She was frustrated because she needed SO many people in her pipeline to make just a couple thousand dollars.

When she tried to raise prices she got pushback and priced herself out.

She felt like a failure and questioned whether she should close her business because it didn’t seem ‘viable’.

That’s when we came up with her ‘grand slam offer’ as she called it.

We came up with something that gave her audience SO much value without her having to put in so much 1:1 time for pennies.

The higher price tag was still a stretch for her clients but it was positioned as a ‘need to have’ for them and most of her clients realized they couldn’t afford NOT to buy it.

Every client is unique but her story will probably resonate with you.

Overworking. Underliving. And not even paying herself as much as she could get working at Starbucks.

When you prioritize one high ticket offer and one funnel you will reach recurring $10k months faster.

If you’ve been on the struggle bus overworking and underpaying yourself for too long now if your chance to turn that around.

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I’ll share the shifts that took my client from a hodgepodge of low ticket offers she could barely sell to filling 25 spots in a high-ticket program and generating five-figure monthly revenue.

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