My clients are moms who are stuck at $3k-$5k and want to scale to $8k-$20k months 👇🏼
Posted on June 5, 2024

❌ without a big team
❌ without giving up their time with their kids or volunteering at school
❌ without having to morph into some ‘biz women’ in a pantsuit and heels

They want 5-figure months so they can
✅ contribute to their family economy
✅ pay for quality childcare
✅ save for retirement/529 plans

AND…just f’n be able to enjoy their life and make good money doing what they love! 💰
✋🏽 Hi Pilates classes and facials!

If you’re a web designer, social media manager, VA/OBM, bookkeeper/CPA, RN, PA, PT and you are capped at what you can charge and make, I’ve been you!

Getting past those $3k and $5k months you quickly created is a hard place to be.

At this point you’ve probably raised prices and taken on as many clients as you can.

It’s time to get the skills to pivot from DFY to DWY.

And I’m laying it all out for you!

Grab your spot in my FREE training Your Six-Figure Switch: How the savviest DFY service providers pivot to DWY for $10k plus months.

8 years ago I was a bookkeeper charging $35/hr and now I’m a 1:1 coach with 36 consecutive five-figure months!

I support my clients to make the switch so they can reach their revenue goals of $10k plus and I’m laying the framework out for you in this free training 🔥

When you sign up you get exclusive access to the livestream where I walk you through the pivotal shifts you need and give you real life case studies and examples.

You’ll also get the thought provoking playbook so you can tailor this to YOU. The way you pivot to $10k plus months will be through answering the journal prompts and questions I give you.

DM me ‘SWITCH’ or grab the 🔗 in my bio to grab your spot!

Then send me a DM so I can celebrate your switch with you! 🍾

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