My client increased her revenue by $10,380 on her 3rd launch 🚀from her first.
Posted on February 21, 2024

👉The strategy stayed the same.
👉The offer stayed the same.

This client and I have worked together for years so I know her triggers and patterns pretty d*** good at this point.

The strategy is the main thing I want you to walk away with. We kept the launch strategy the same and we kept the offers the same.

This is HUGE and has allowed her to create a solid launch strategy. She doesn’t waste her time or her team’s time by reinventing the wheel or adding more tasks.

We’ve literally taken what we learn about her audience in each launch and built it into her messaging. Each time we run this we’ve learned SUCH juicy data and insights that we can bring into her content.

She knows her audience like the back of her hand and speaks to their objections early and often. She knows their fears and where they hold themselves back. This is so powerful because she’s not tapping out when they have an objection. Instead, she leans in which most people won’t do! She creates a safe place and walks them through it.


✅Pick + stick a strategy that works for you. Stop looking at everyone around you thinking that you’re missing something. All strategies ‘work’ and all marketing works if you work it. Find what works for YOU and go all in!

✅Keep finding what works about your strategy and do more of that. This is where you get to play detective and see what IS working with your strategy. There is always something that works. Your job is to find it and implement MORE of that.

✅Keep your offer the same. When you have the same offer (or client journey) you get to be known for that certain thing. You get really good at delivery on it. You get amazing results, wins, and testimonials that you can bring forward in your marketing.

Again, I am SO thrilled to share this client case study with you! Check out the FULL case study on my website for even more juicy details that you can steal for your own 5-figure launch!

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