My Business Coach, Kim Argetsinger, Is Interviewing ME On My Multi-Six-Figure Pivot To DWY From DFY
Posted on May 29, 2024

Join me as my 1:1 coach of two years, Kim Argetsinger turns the tables and puts me in the hot seat!

I always talk about the power of 1:1 and in this livestream we’re going to share the REAL work that went on behind the scenes that took me from making $8k/month with my DFY services to $20k months with DWY services.

We’ll bust through common myths flooding the online space AND give you clear, actionable insights on what making a multi-six-figure switch truly entails.

This livestream isn’t just a peek into my success– it’s a roadmap for anyone looking to navigate the transition from DFY to DWY.  

We’ll discuss:

– The real challenges and obstacles I faced along the way and how I overcame them.

– The strategic decisions that were crucial in scaling my revenue and clients.

– Proven results and tangible outcomes of my six-figure-switch.

It’s happening this Wednesday at 11AM EST in my FB Group Savvy DFY Service Providers Scaling to $10k Months In Part-Time Hours.

Join live so that you can get your questions answered and get personalized advice as you scale to your own six-figure switch.  

Whether you’re contemplating a shift OR are deep into the process of pivoting, this session is for you…See you there!

** This video is from a livestream that occurs every Wednesday at 12pm EST in my Facebook Group, Savvy DFY Service Providers: Scaling to $10k months in part-time hours.  This is a group for my OBMs, VAs, designers, bookkeepers, social media managers, copywriters, CPAs, attorneys, nurses, PAs, PTAs, and other DFY service providers who aren’t making five-figure months AND want to!  

For more content on creating more revenue and take-home pay for those $10k months you SO desire, join us here: or visit my website  **