My #1 lesson about growing my revenue by $45k in 2023 AND what comes with it….
Posted on March 25, 2024

Sometimes it FEELS hard because it IS hard.

Let’s just normalize that.

Last Dec I had 2 weeks that were the most challenging that I’ve had in 8 years of biz.
Despite growing my revenue last year by $45k.
Despite creating a well-oiled machine and taking the ENTIRE month of July off to take my 3 daughters to the mountains.

All of these amazing things AND sh** just feels hard sometimes.

But the difference between me with $20k months and the version of me that had $5k months is….

🙌 I saw those challenges as PART of my growth.🙌

My mindset was that ‘yes’ it felt hard (it was) AND those challenges were working FOR me.

The challenges with humans, software, and just everything that seemed to hit at once were things I could learn NOW and will serve that next version of me.

The amount of growth I experienced during those 2 weeks…in retrospect, it’s like it couldn’t NOT have happened. I see how it prepped me for the clients + cash I have now.

If you’re feeling like things are challenging here are 2 tips I learned:

1️⃣ Continue to show up. I know…you may want to crawl under the covers and binge Netflix (and there are days for that). Continuing to show up is a mindset AND strategy hack because it supports both!
2️⃣ Embrace this season you’re in. You may think, “F you Jordan this is hard” and I get it! But it’s like with kids…they grow so fast and no phase lasts forever and then we’re reminiscing on those past phases. This is the same in business. Soon these challenges will be a memory. Learn to love the NOW. See the beauty in it. See the lessons.

Truth is…the longer you’re in business…the more challenges there are. Not to make a story but the more humans you work with (team, clients, collabs) the more it opens the door for shiz.

So while I grew my revenue by $45K I also had a lot of personal growth to experience WITH it. That’s just part of the game that’s business….my call to you when you have these seasons….what can you glean from it?

Cheers to your challenges being part of your perfectly imperfect life!