Money Mondays
Posted on January 12, 2023

“It’s just another manic Monday” -The Bangles 🎶

The Bangles sing about “Manic Monday” but in my business, I call it “Money Monday”! 💰

I like to look at all of my accounts. I see my balance, I know what still needs to draft out, and what I need to transfer out for owner pay and tax savings. This is something I do every.single.week. It sets my week up for success so there are no surprises.

I think it is so important to have this weekly “money date” with your business. Planning ahead helps reduce stress and anxiety as we go into the week. ✌️

I also work with clients on this and we have a monthly “CEO date” with their business. They show up as the CEO and I’m here to support them on SO many levels.

The business owners I work with are all so different but they have a few things in common:
➡️ They are humans working with other humans.
➡️ They have shh…stuff that comes up with selling or talking about money or what they’re “able” to make.
➡️ They feel like they’re constantly the worker in their business making decisions from a reactive stance.

The challenges you may currently face with your business aren’t new. Every business owner I know (including myself) may struggle at some point with managing cash flow, pricing their services, staying consistent, showing up when the results aren’t “there”, figuring out how to pay themselves a salary, and saving for taxes.

Let’s chip away one piece at a time.

It’s Money Monday. What can you do right now?