“Mom, I like you better in a dress” my 6 yr old just said to me. 👗
Posted on June 19, 2022

I’ll be honest – I like myself better in a dress too but it just doesn’t match my lifestyle!

While wearing a dress every day *sounds* nice, ultimately, it doesn’t actually work for me. Biking the kids to school, walking the dog multiple times a day in the Charleston heat…a dress is a no-go. 😂

My life as a mom is a metaphor for business…I equate wearing the metaphorical dress every day to doing everything *perfectly* in business every day. It’s just not realistic!

Perfect…as business owners we want everything exactly right! Sometimes we procrastinate until we have the perfect team, the perfect system, the perfect product, and waste precious time.

Stop waiting! Do the best thing vs the perfect thing. Businesses that I’ve seen skyrocket, pick the best thing over the perfect thing every time… it’s okay to let things get a little messy!

If I waited until I was wearing a dress to show up as my best self, do my best work, and live my best life…I’d be crippled for a long time.

I can do all that stuff right now wearing my workout leggings and Amazon T-shirt. 👖👚

It’s the SAME with business! Don’t worry about your post being perfect, or having the perfect time to start your book…. just get started.

As long as you have a strategic plan in place, you can get started and not worry about it being “perfect”. You will know that you are moving towards your goals and we will have systematic and measurable ways to track it.

Don’t have a written strategic plan? Let’s talk- 🔗 in bio to set up a Free Honesy Call where we can figure out what you want your business to look like and help you get there.

Jordan Ilderton

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