Mom + Business Analogy
Posted on February 21, 2022

“I wiped my snot on you mom” is the business equivalent of “I don’t have a solid bookkeeping system”.

The child has copious amounts of drainage out of their nose and uses you as a hanky.

They’re unprepared.
It’s messy.
Everything is everywhere.

This is so similar to when businesses don’t use bookkeeping software and don’t have it set up so with good data.

They’re unprepared.
It’s messy.
Everything is everywhere.

There are lots of options for software so it can be overwhelming! I recommend QuickBooks Online.

Here’s why:
It’s cheap.
It integrates with your bank and credit cards.
It’s always backed up.
You can assign user access to your tax CPA.
You can invoice your customers and get paid faster.
You can run some great monthly reports.
You can set up a budget.

It can do a lot of things and it doesn’t have to be scary!

I’d love to know- what accounting software do you use and how has it changed your business?

Did you know we help set up QBO correctly? Or we can take a look and help it serve you better?

Schedule a call and let’s figure out how we can relieve some pressure in your life/find you a hanky! 😆