Maybe you’re a web designer who used to stay booked out but now only sold 2 spots in your course…
Posted on June 5, 2024

Or you’re a social media manager who has always been full but can’t sell your $3k DWY offer…

I remember being a $35/hour bookkeeper wanting to make $10k months.

I had 3 daughters in childcare/private school which amounted to $3500/month. My revenue needed to increase without increasing my time working in the business.

So I did what any DFY service provider does…I created a high-ticket offer.

I rolled it out thinking people would be lining up to buy because I had filled my bookkeeping roster SO easily.

After a few months…I didn’t have sh** to show for it.

Are you a DFY service provider who has created a course, high-ticket service, or program but can’t figure out why this is such a hard sell when your DFY sold so easily?

Maybe you’ve tried all the strategies that worked for your DFY services…so why can’t you sell this?

It’s so frustrating and I’ve been there!

Maybe you’re DFY services filled because of referrals.

Or maybe it was all the local networking events you went to.

Or maybe when you randomly posted on social networks that you had an opening people jumped on it.

Now IF you do get someone on the ☎️ they look at you like….
👉🏻 you have two heads when you pitch
👉🏻 and now you wonder if you’ve priced too high
👉🏻 and question if you’re even ‘worth’ it and are wondering if ads, Pinterest, or email marketing hold the answer.

✋🏽FULL stop now.

Instead of spinning out and making yourself wrong, you’ve got to grab a spot in my FREE training, Your Six-Figure Switch… I’m laying it out ALL for you!

This training was made specifically with you, the DFY service provider not making $10k months, in mind.

When you sign up for Your Six-Figure Switch: How the savviest DFY service providers pivot to DWY for $10k (plus) months you’ll get my step-by-step playbook + livestream with the structure YOU need to effortlessly book clients with your new offer.

People tell me I’m crazy for offering this amount of value for free…but I know if I can go from $35/hr bookkeeping services to $20k cash months…YOU can too!

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