Maybe the reason you’re hearing ‘no’ from your new higher prices is NOT because you have a money block.
Posted on March 25, 2024

As a done-for-you service provider, you were told to ‘charge your worth’ + now you think that because you’re not getting hired it’s because of you, your money mindset, or some self-limiting beliefs around money and what’s possible.

I don’t know you but I’m willing to guess it’s not YOU.

It’s your offer.

And it wasn’t set up for those ‘charge your worth’ rates.

Those DFY services were created to please the masses and solve a lower-touch, lower-ticket problem for your clients (posting/scheduling on social, web design, data entry, and social media engagement).

DFY services aren’t the right offer so that you can focus, go deeper, and charge more to work with a handful of clients.

If you’re feeling frustrated because you’re tired of burning the midnight oil and charging a low rate but feel like you can’t actually make any $$…I hear you.

8 years ago I was charging $35/hour as a bookkeeper (with a CPA background) + have now repackaged my skills into VIP 1:1 coaching and made 34 consecutive five-figure months since.

If you want the same you can’t just raise rates. It’s time for a new offer that commands higher rates.

I know the exact mindset + strategy that goes into this kind of pivot and am the best person to support you to be able to create a new offer to increase YOUR revenue by hundreds + thousands of $$.

If you’re realizing that maybe you’ve outgrown your DFY offer and are ready to charge rates that will get you to those $10k months….your best next step is to grab my FREE Sold Out Strategy Session- for DFY service providers ready to sell out their high ticket offer.

On this call, we’ll identify through the valuable skills and experience that you already bring to the table, the gap you see in what you provide and what your clients need, and you’ll walk away with a high-ticket offer that fits like a glove and fills your bank account.

Stop thinking it’s your ‘mindset block’ holding you back + instead join me to create an offer that actually opens the floodgates for a new era in your business.

Comment YES or DM me for a link to my schedule!

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