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Steal these steps for a simple sales process

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Sick of feeling like you have an amazing offer that should ‘sell itself’…

Except…it’s not?

Or maybe you’re always stressed in your business because you don’t know how to book your next client.

Or maybe when you hear ‘sales process’ you don’t even know what that means.

Are you falling into the trap and thinking that by just putting your offer online….people will see the value and be ready to buy?

Here’s the truth…

Going from zero to your high-ticket investment may just be a HUGE jump for your potential clients.

Your job is to take them from curious to “hell yes!”
Your job is to give them simple wins so they can’t wait to work with you!
Your job is to build the know-like-trust factor so they feel understood and safe to buy.

This is all done by having a simple sales process. This can be easy. This can feel good. This can meet your humans where they’re at AND book clients for you!

Jordan Ilderton

If you’re ready to see consistent payments coming into your bank account…

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I’m spilling the behind-the-scenes framework I use in my business (and have used to help clients get fully booked) so you can walk away with a framework to apply to YOUR business in a way that feels good to you (no generic template here)!

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