Jordan Ilderton

the 4 ways to grow your business masterclass:

Intentional + Sustainable Growth

what's this about?

Purchase this 90-minute masterclass to kick start your business growth. Four ways to grow your business sounds too simple, right? Actually, everything you can think of will fit into these four ways.

I’m a CPA and very left-brained but I love to combine strategy with energetics. If we’re all systems and processes, we have the potential to create a “never enough” business or feel like we’re always on a hamster wheel. The opposite side of the coin is spending all our time on mindset and energy. We may create a business that’s not streamlined and not able to scale.

Let’s combine them! When we have strategy + energetics that’s when the magic happens. I’m here for that. All of it. I love the practicals + strategy and I love the heart + soul. As business owners, we want both. We get to have both. This is what I want to share with you.

In this masterclass:


Learn to create your vision and use it with systems and processes to set your foundation.

Learn how to increase your number of new customers/clients.
Learn how to increase your number of returning customers/clients.
Learn how to increase the average value of each sale/service.

our businesses are more than just numbers.

We use heart, we use intuition, we use our beliefs and mindset. With your purchase, you have lifelong access to the zoom recording. So you can watch and rewatch at your leisure.