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how I pay myself $10k Months 

(5 questions that you can steal for your own five-figure months)

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Sick of feeling like You Can’t Afford support

and you can’t do it all?

Do you feel like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place?

Or maybe you need to work more so you can pay yourself more?

Or that your time is so limited and you’ll never get it all done?

Or maybe your revenue is up but…your take-home pay hasn’t gone up with it?  Where is the money even going?

If this is ringing true to you….I have a *special* invitation for you!

As I’ve built my own multi-six figure business in part-time hours …

(and helped countless clients do the same) I see a common theme….we want a profitable business that supports our life.

AND we only have limited time and brain-space to commit to this profitable business.


Jordan Ilderton

let’s prioritize profit! 

We’ll review 5 questions for $10k (and beyond) take-home pay months

When you sign up you’ll receive the *bonus* playbook with the five questions I personally use (and ask clients) to help streamline focus, get clear on action steps, and use your limited time to create  consistent five-figure months.

You’ll also be entered to win a FREE Coaching call with me (my clients pay good $ for these and my 1:1 spots are almost full) to support you so your your mindset – strategy – organization – implementation are ALL moving toward $10k take-home months.

So what are you waiting for?

Stop wasting precious time and

limiting your take-home pay.

The details

When and where?


When?   Join us live on March 29th at 12:00pm EST.


Where?  My Facebook group: Peaceful + Profitable Entrepreneurs