Making $10k A Month On A Budget: Have these essentials in your strategy
Posted on August 9, 2023

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🌟 If you’ve ever wondered how to make $10k a month in your business without breaking the bank, I’ve got some game-changing insights for you! 💰✨

The online space will try to convince you it’s complicated and that you need to follow a 10-step process or buy someone’s template.

However, I know you don’t need to worry about ad spend or spending tons of your time (or your team’s time). Let’s ditch the frustration and confusion! I’ll be breaking down the key foundational elements that every successful business implementing these strategies knows and swears by.

After 8 years in the online space, building my own fully booked business generating $20k in monthly recurring cash, and supporting clients to reach 6, multi-6, and 7-figures, I’ve learned what truly works! 💪🎯

This won’t be a one-size-fits-all generic template. Instead, I’ll be sharing real, actionable insights that can transform your business on a budget!

Join me in my FB Group, Peaceful + Profitable Entrepreneurs, this Wednesday, 8/9/23 at 12 pm EST, where I’ll be sharing the essential pieces you need in your strategy to achieve that $10k (plus) milestone! 🚀💡

Can’t make it live? No worries! Catch the replay to soak in all the inspiration and take notes! 💫

P.S. Oh, and there’s a fabulous giveaway for someone who joins live or watches the replay! Don’t miss your chance to enter!

See you all on Wednesday! Let’s unlock the secrets to your $10k success together! 🌈🎉

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