Make Your Quarterly Review Amazing!
Posted on March 14, 2022

Are you ready for something new?  I bet you’ve never used OKR to do a review!

This isn’t Sesame Street but I think OKR is sooo important if you’re planning a monthly or quarterly review.  That stands for Objectives and Key Results.  It’s a way to track your objective and hold yourself accountable.

It helps you break down a goal into its parts and then how to measure the success or failure of it.  

So to start a quarterly review we much first know:

  1. What do you want?  What’s the objective?

It could be grow revenue, grow my customer base, add new team members.

  1. How will you measure it?  

Key results tell you if you achieved the “thing” from step 1.  If your objective is to grow your customer base your key results may be to add 10% more email subscribers, or double your followers on social media, or have each client refer 3 friends.

Quarterly reviews are a great way to track your progress (or stagnation).  If you wait a year, that’s too long!  However, a month goes by so fast and may not be enough time to make the desired changes.

The first week of a new quarter is a perfect time to reflect on the previous quarter.  I recommend sitting down with your advisor/coach and look at your results honestly (sometimes we can’t see the forest through the trees)!

As you reflect on the previous quarter think about:

Life events- What came up that was unexpected.  How did those affect your objectives?

Results- Answer honestly the results for your objectives.

Analysis- What worked and what didn’t?  

Takeaways- Are there things you can change going forward?

After you take some time to review the quarter be sure to include your team in the process!  They may have insights that you haven’t thought of.

I know it’s not the end of the quarter but we want to have this talk BEFORE the quarter ends so you know how to prepare.

Questions?  Link in my bio for a meeting.  Let’s set you up for success!