Let’s be real…if you’re a DFY service provider I bet you’ve thought you can’t sell a $2k monthly retainer if you can’t sell $200/month.
Posted on June 5, 2024

This is very toxic. I’ve talked to so many biz owners who have this mindset and I honestly think it’s one of the biggest things holding them back.

So let’s just talk about this and why it’s actually a littler easier and more straightforward to sell a $2k offer over $200 offer.

With a $200 offer…you are generally trying to find the cheapest person who wants this task done.

It’s not about finding the right/best person to solve their problem..they’re literally just looking at price which means you need a bigger audience so that you can cast a wide net and hope you catch a few people in it!

Whereas high ticket… you’re specializing and differentiating yourself. You’re no longer just trying to be the low-price leader…you are speaking to a specific person.

Your marketing gets to be SO much more specific and dialed in.
It makes messaging easier.
It makes attracting the right people easier.

A watered-down message…just doesn’t perform well regardless of what you’re selling.

This is a hill I’m wiling to die on…selling high-ticket isn’t ‘harder’ it’s just different and takes a different approach!

If you’ve tried to sell your DWY offer and it’s fallen flat then you want this ⤵️

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Selling high-ticket takes a different set of skills.
I’ve been there.
I’ve pivoted from $35/hourly service to high-ticket 1:1 coaching.

I’ve done the hardsh** so that you don’t have to.

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YOU can sell out a $2k offer easier and faster than a $200 offer…you just need the right skills!

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