Just Say “No” in 2018
Posted on January 26, 2018

So I know this is a bookkeeping post and it’s January so I could easily write about 1099 or W-2 prep.  I could write about what forms to collect, what reports to run, deadlines, and lots of other things.  However….I recently was reminded about ‘saying no to say yes’.

So that’s what I want to write about for January and this new year.  I want to send a reminder that sometimes it’s better to say ‘no’ and open up space in your life so you can say ‘yes’ to the things that really matter.

It doesn’t have to just be saying no to obligations and volunteer opportunities that you realistically just can’t do.  I think it also applies to our phones and screens.  I know people have email and texts on their phone and can reply ‘on the go’.  But so many of these ‘Sent from iphone’ responses and texts don’t communicate well.  Our response time is down but communication is compromised.

It can also come with saying ‘no’ to your screen when you’re around friends and family.  Ignoring actual human beings in front of us because of a screen is not only insulting but it’s harmful to relationships.  Saying ‘no’ to your screen opens you up to a ‘yes’ with the people you care about.  It opens you up to a ‘yes’ with the things in life you really enjoy!

I won’t go on because there are entire books and many articles about this already.  For the beginning of the new year I just wanted to put it out there that we can be connected without being so ‘connected’ and I hope that is more helpful than a reminder on deadlines!


Jordan Ilderton, CPA