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Tracking your business metrics but not seeing the increased profit you want?

If you’re tracking metrics and know conversions are increasing… then why isn’t that converting into more revenue?

Maybe you already know which platforms are working…but why is it not converting into more take-home pay?

It is sooo frustrating to track all these metrics/numbers and NOT see that convert on the P&L and then into what you’re taking home/paying yourself.

Find $2k-$34k Actual Cash

  • Our client “found” $4k because her bookkeeper categorized something wrong (it wasn’t us but could easily happen to anyone).
  • Another client found $5k a month because he realized he was paying for services he wasn’t using.
  • Another client almost missed out on $34k that two clients didn’t actually pay in their bank account but their books showed it as received.

If the numbers in your books are not correct…you can be doing everything ‘right’ and it’s still SUPER hard to have more net profit.

Jordan Ilderton

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Join me in this month’s free Masterclass Mastering Metrics: How You Can “Find” More Profit In Your Business. We’ll peel back the curtain so you know how to look at your P&L to ensure accuracy AND how to use it strategically to leverage your dashboards even more.

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