Jordan Ilderton Masterclass

Are you ready for it?

Six-Figure switch scholarship

6 months of 1:1 coaching to help you make the switch from DFY to DWY for $10k plus months without working more, a big team, or spending $$ on ads or fancy copywriters! 

AND without my normal monthly base rate.

Read below for more details and how to apply!

What is your six figure switch?

Definition of Six-Figure Switch: (verb)

To shift or pivot from a state of offering services that require you to overwork and underpay yourself to one where you create a high ticket offer that people want to pay good money for so that you can easily 3X your revenue with a small audience, fewer clients, and while working less.


She made her Six-Figure Switch from $4k months with a hodge-podge menu of low-ticket offers to creating a high ticket offer with one funnel which brings in consistent $23k plus months.

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“Celebrating another $23k month AND selling out 4 of my VIP spots at $2500 EACH.  You are true and real and that’s what I needed in my business!”


Why am I offering this six figure switch scholarship?

Aka….”It sounds too good to be true.”


If you’re a web designer, bookkeeper/CPA, VA/OBM, attorney, copywriter, RN, PA, PTA, or any service provider who finds yourself capped at what you can earn because you trade time for money…

You want to apply for this 1:1 opportunity for a FULL 6-months of coaching, not just a single session, where you’ll get me in my zone of genius with the type of support that builds REAL revenue with fewer clients.

Because…I’ve been there.

I’ve been the DFY provider who could fall off a log and fill my bookkeeping spots but when it came to selling out my high-ticket offer it fell flat…to be perfectly honest.

I didn’t understand why.  I thought it was me.  I thought something was wrong with my offer.  I thought maybe I needed to run ads.  I thought maybe I needed another course or group program.  I thought I needed to hire a fancy copy writer.  I thought that maybe I wasn’t cut out to sell high-ticket or that I wasn’t good enough.

I KNEW that I was meant for more but I struggled to make my six-figure switch.

If you’re here I bet you’ve reached that point.  Your DFY services are great AND you know you’re meant for more.  You know that you’re one of the few women owned business owners who has what it takes to bust through the status quo.

Did you know only 10% of women owned businesses make it to six-figures?  If you’re here…I know you’re ready to be one of them.

THIS is your moment!  THIS is your chance to create $5k, $10k, $20k of monthly revenue while working less. 

THIS is a once in a lifetime chance to get 6-months of 1:1 support in your business that most business owners can only dream of!


I’ve figured the hard sh** out so that you can don’t have to and fill your DWY spots faster.

And it’s why this is a once in a lifetime chance for you and your business…when you work with me you’ll have my years of experience booking high-ticket clients, going from $8k –> $20k/months AND all that I’ve learned from years + investing thousands upon thousands of dollars in my own 1:1 support.

I’m one of the FEW 1:1 coaches who is willing to put my money where my mouth is and coach you for six months with ZERO base rate.  I’m so confident that I can support you to successfully create, launch, and sell out your high-ticket offer, you’ll only pay me when you make more money!

If you’re a savvy DFY service provider who is CRAVING to bust through your revenue ceiling and pivot to DWY…you want to win Your Six-Figure Swtich Scholarship spot!

If you’re coachable and want to join my other clients making tens of thousands in NEW revenue grab your application right now.

What you’ll get

You’re getting a FULL six-months of 1:1 coaching which includes:

>> 18, 45-minute 1:1 coaching sessions where we talk about your high-ticket offer, this is the  nucleus of it all and we’ll get very intentional so that your offer speaks to your skills and is something your audience is willing to pay top dollar for.  We’ll get clear on your messaging around it so that it attracts the RIGHT fit clients and connects the dots so they know why they should hire YOU.  We make sure you have a holistic visibility strategy so that you’re getting in front of your audience as well as other audiences.  We make sure you have a client journey that nurtures someone so that they feel a connection to you, feel safe taking the next step, AND you’ll have support when navigating objections and any sticky money conversations that come up when you’re increasing prices and asking someone to invest in themself in a way they never have before! 

>> Unlimited support in-between your sessions in Voxer so that you can bring any questions or challenges that come up in-between your sessions.  THIS is the difference maker and why my clients are able to move through challenges faster, implement on their to-do’s, and have the mindset + strategy to book high-ticket clients and get PAID.  This in-between support is one of the reason I have a 99% renewal rate and my clients stay with me for years.  They realize they never want to be without me in their backpocket when they’re feeling stuck, overthinking, or not going for what they really want!

>> I’m waiving the typical $1500/month base rate.  The scholarship recipient will ONLY pay 20% of NEW revenue from our work together.  You read that right…you only pay me when you make more money.  


Here’s how it works

There are FOUR steps and I’m giving you the intell on how to increase your chances of winning!

1) Submit your name so that you receive the application.  This goes to your inbox so be sure to find it ASAP and mark my emails as ‘safe’ so you get all the juicy details that come with it!

2)  Complete your applicaton!  DM me on IG once you hit ‘submit’ so that I can celebrate the sh** out of you and get to know YOU!  You will increase your chances of winning this once in a lifetime spot if I know you and feel a coaching connection with you!

3) Join my FB Group Savvy DFY Service Providers Scaling To $10k Months!  Be sure to introduce yourself to the group.  You’ll want to comment on my posts and livestreams so that you stand out from the sea of applicants and I get to know you.  Remember, I’m not justing giving this coaching spot away…the winner will be someone who sold ME on why I should work with them!

4)  Keep your eye out for the follow-up emails!  If you make it to the next round, you’ll receive an email notification with a link to schedule your best-fit call!  Again, the person I choose will be someone I’ve gotten to know and feel a connection with.  


Are you the one who’s going to win this scholarship?

Show me!

I’m looking for someone who is READY.  Who is ALL in.

Who wants to work with me and sees me as the best damn coach for them and knows my support is THE thing that triggers their six-figure switch.

Someone who knows they are meant for more.  

Someone who is ready to be limitless. 

Someone who is ready to be undeniable.

Someone who sees this scholarship as the kick in the pants they needed to give themself permission and get 1:1 support!

This is for someone who is tired of not knowing what works.

Tired of the group programs where they’re one of many and can hide what’s really going on.

Tired taking courses that give tidbits of information but don’t provide true transformation.

Tired of trying a million things and wasting time + money.

This is for someone who is ready for their business AND life to be so damn good and better than they ever imagined!

If this sounds like you…get your application and tell me!




Hi, I’m Jordan Ilderton!

are we about to become friends?

Yes, my 3 daughters are my ‘why’ for it all!

AND I am so f’n lit up by suppporting women like YOU who are the change-makers in your community.

>> What I know to be true is that we only get a limited amount of time here on this planet. <<

Not to get too deep or too woo (2 things I love doing btw) BUT let’s be real…if you’re going to build a business and make a living…why not build one you F’N love that has the PayPal notifications rolling in nonstop and gives you the freedom you crave!

Not a business or life built for someone else on their terms or what they consider ‘successful’ but for YOU and this perfectly imperfect life that YOU intentionally built.

After working as a CPA/accountant, I knew I wasn’t meant for the corporate world.  I also had a ‘quarter life crisis’ and became a nurse who worked in a high-acuity NeoNatal Intensive Care Unit where life or death was literally my daily experience.

Yes, there were many different twists + turns that brought me HERE. 

And I’m telling you…

I never thought it could be this good!

I’ve pivoted my bookkeeping revenue from $79k a year to a high-ticket offer which brings in $239k a year with FEWER clients and more freedom.

What I’m MOST proud of is that I can support you to create your own Six-Figure Switch and create literal tens of thousands of new $$ in a way that has you saying, “I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner!”

 Don’t wait…stop limiting yourself…apply NOW!



So what are you waiting for?

Hurry – the deadline to apply is 7/31/24 by midnight!