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Your Six-Figure Plan: Make 2024 the year you join the $100k club!

Hi, I’m Jordan!  Bookkeeper/CPA turned 1:1 business coach to support service based business owners to BOOK clients + create more take home pay!

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Read on if 2024 is your year to join the $100k club!

What no one is telling you about making money in 2024

You CAN ‘build a business you love’ but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily going to be profitable or bring in cash to pay the bills.

It sucks to ‘build a business your way’ and still be broke and not have actual paying clients.

If you’re tired of not reaching those holy grail $10k months.

If you’re tired of building a ‘business you love’ but isn’t paying the bills.

Or maybe been throwing spaghetti at the wall and are ready to *finally* have a strategy that books clients… I have a plan I want to share with you!

My framework for $100k years

I’m cutting through the noise and giving you a simple step-by-step plan so that you can create wild amounts of revenue without wasting your time and spinning your wheels even longer.

Join me for my FREE Masterclass: Your Six-Figure Plan: Make 2024 the year you join the $100k club!

I’m sharing what most online ‘gurus’ won’t tell you and giving you the *exact* framework that leads to $100k years you’ve heard so much about but always felt out of reach.

As I’ve built my own multi-six-figure business while not ever working full-time…I want to teach this to YOU for these same results in your business.

You’ll not only learn my step-by-step framework for your six-figure plan that you can start implementing TODAY to make this the year you join the $100k club, but I’ll also show you how to customize it to your offers, your audience, and how you love to run your business!

What You’ll Get

If you’re new here…I’m ALL about doing what works, cut the crap, and not waste your precious time or money.  That’s how I operate and how I communicate.  This masterclass gives you *exactly* what you need!  

You’ll receive a bonus playbook that walks you through my framework so you have the tools to make $100k this year AND still build a business you love! The livestream will come straight to your inbox for you to refer back to as you implement these strategies and book more clients in 2024!

You’ll also be entered to win a FREE coaching call with me! Together we’ll stop the spaghetti-throwing actions and craft a framework so that you know the actions to implement for six figures.

Make 2024 the year you stop wasting time and money building a business you love but doesn’t book clients… get the framework that actually matters and blows up your bank account.

So what are you waiting for?

$100k is possible for you and it’s happening this year!

Are you ready for it?