I’ve talked to web designers who had 2,000 views on a reel but still can’t sell spots in their $600 course.
Posted on June 5, 2024

Let’s face it 👉 a reel flaunting a thousand views or a post swamped with ‘likes’ doesn’t mean you’re any closer to those $10k months you want.

As someone who pivoted from earning $35/hour as a DFY service provider to $20k months through high-ticket services, I’ve seen the real impact of content. My posts might not break the internet, but they’ve directly led to booking high-value clients.

If you’re eager to pivot to high-ticket offerings and dream of $10k+ months you need to forget vanity metrics and ask:

“Does my content inspire action?”

When you post does someone take the next step that you invite them to?

Whether it’s signing up for a freebie, your newsletter, a free audit, or a free webinar…are they taking that step?

If you have a reel with over a thousand views but ZERO people take you up on your next step I would argue that reel didn’t do sh** for you.

And obviously, that’s not the whole story. Some people need to consume a handful of your content before they’re ready but overall…you should have someone popping up to take that next step regularly.

If you’re a DFY service provider who isn’t at $10k months…do an audit of your content.

👉 Which topics inspire your potential clients to take action?
👉 Which posts have people raising their hands or DMing you that they feel so seen?

THAT is what I’d want you to focus on.

If you’re feeling like you’re a DFY service provider trying to pivot to high-ticket and your content isn’t having people take the next step…I’m offering you a lifeline. It’s my FREE Sold Out Strategy Session for DFY service providers ready to scale to $10k months.

The posts that ‘worked’ when you were a booked-out web designer probably aren’t the same posts that will sell out your $600 course.

Instead of spinning your wheels and wasting time on content that doesn’t convert get this 1:1 support so that we can ideate to see what DOES work so that you can create content to meet your potential clients where they’re at now.

If you’re ready to create content that converts…Comment ‘STRATEGY’ or grab the🔗 in my bio!

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