“It’s like being pecked to death by chickens!” 🐓
Posted on May 6, 2022

That’s what I’m always saying about software fees. 🤑

Do you comb through your software fees (at least) annually to verify that they’re all necessary?

It is one of THE things I do with my clients on a regular basis. To be a successful business, you need to know your expenses and know they are still relevant.

We get curious and show up like detectives! 🕵️

More businesses fail because of poor cash flow rather than poor profit. No matter how wonderful your products or systems are…if your business runs out of cash it ceases to exist. Yet many businesses don’t have a cash flow plan or only look at it annually.

We want 3 things out of cash flow:

99% of the time business owners can improve cash flow by doing a basic audit of their costs. But remember…nobody ever shrank their way to greatness.

Meaning, we are looking for unnecessary costs to identify and eliminate. That will help cash flow without damaging the business.

How often are you managing your cash flow? Are you prepared for the leaner months and know how much you’ll need if you have a busy season?

Did you know I offer intensives? Yes! 90 minutes to Clarity and Connection in Your Business! You can sign up on my website.