It shocks me that most biz owners aren’t looking at this info! 😱
Posted on February 8, 2024

They are missing OUT!

I build these dashboards for my clients as a *bonus* because it’s such an integral part of our work together!

>>Most providers would charge $1k-$2k for it <<

But I KNOW my clients increase their revenue (to the tune of tens of thousands of $$) because we’re looking at this and they know what BOOKS calls, free trainings, and clients.

They don’t scratch their head wondering which platforms bring leads.

They don’t wonder which content resonates with their audience and has them take the next step.

They don’t wonder why people aren’t buying because we can literally look at the data and find the kink in the hose.

My clients are done-for-you service providers who decide they want more.

Together, we create higher touch AND higher ticket offers AND sell the sh** out of those offers!

Y’all this is HUGE!

Business is a game and I support my clients to know how to play it.

My clients can take less action because they’re taking the RIGHT actions to book clients + increase cash.

Does your business have this level of clarity?

If not, you’re best next step it to grab my FREE $10k Content Strategy Audit call for more clients + cash.

Together we’ll problem solve to find the kink in the hose, where people drop off, why aren’t they taking you up on your free (or paid offer) and you’ll have action steps to take ASAP and turn your content strategy around.

This is just how my brain thinks and I’m offering it to you for free…what do you have to lose?

DM me for a 🔗 to grab your spot for clarity in your content strategy!

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