It doesn’t matter what platform you hop to if your offer + messaging isn’t clear…
Posted on June 5, 2024

It’s going to flop wherever you go….

I’ll die on a hill for this: it doesn’t matter what platform you hop to if your offer + messaging isn’t clear.

Meaning, you can switch between FB, IG, LinkedIn, blogging…whatever…but if your content isn’t bringing in leads and you aren’t able to convert them…

It doesn’t matter which platform you choose. It’s going to flop.

Just like the saying, “Wherever you go…there you are.”

If your offer + messaging aren’t attracting and converting clients on FB…it won’t matter if you add blogging or IG to the mix.

There are a million courses teaching you how to do reels, or blogs, or whatever…but the fundamental piece that makes all of those ‘work’ is that you have a clear offer + clear messaging around it.

So don’t waste your money on another training if the thing to fix is your offer + messaging.

THAT is the nucleus to any platform you choose.

Want help getting clear on your offer + the messaging around it so that you attract best-fit clients and convert them on repeat?

Join me on a Creating $10k Monthly Recurring Revenue Intensive, where you get my 1:1 support for a week so that you can have clarity on your offer + the messaging around it that will attract and convert clients on ANY platform

And is designed to fill your roster for those $10k plus months on repeat WITHOUT working more, paying $$$ for ads, a big team, or hiring that fancy copywriter.

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