Isn’t it so interesting how our human 🧠 works?
Posted on October 9, 2022

We’ll spend a couple of thousand dollars a month to rebrand our business or hire a marketing company or pay for advertising.

Because that’s what we *think* will bring us more profit. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Our brains tell us that we’re making a smart choice by going for the revenue and more customers/clients.

But…if we don’t know how to speak to our ideal client or what their objections are…we may spend 💰 putting our stuff ‘out there’ but not create a return on it.

You can spend money on advertising or rebranding or updating your website but if it’s not converting your people into clients it won’t increase your bottom line and you won’t be paying yourself more.

You may have more people ‘see’ your stuff but if you’re not speaking to them and how YOU are the person to solve their problem…they’ll just keep scrolling!

But what if we were super clear on:
1️⃣ Who do we support?
2️⃣ Why am I the person to get them the best results?
3️⃣ How do I speak to them in a way that makes them say, “I want to work with her”?

We probably wouldn’t have to spend as much on all the other *things*!

“A stitch in time saves nine.”

Basically, if we do it right and build a solid foundation, we’ll save ourselves a lot of time and trouble later on.

If you’re spending money on all the other things, just make sure it’s getting you the exact result you want.

This is when working 1:1 can help you so much. You may not end up needing all the other *stuff* because you know where you’re going and how to get there.

Later on, we may stack some things, but it’s from a place of intentional and sustainable growth.

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Jordan Ilderton