Is Your Fear Out Of Control About the Economy?
Posted on April 25, 2023

“…what the economy is doing…” are words that seem to be on everyone’s lips. I’ve talked to clients, non-clients, and other business owners, as well as team members about the exact subject of ‘with this economy’ or ‘what it’s doing’. If you’re feeling the stress, fear, anxiety and lack that I see in so many places you will NOT want to miss this conversation! It’s taking place Wednesday at 12:00pm EST in my FB Group Peaceful + Profitable Entrepreneurs.

While I’m not an economist I do have some things to say about it! I want to look at it through my lens of mindset, strategy, organize, implement and give you some takeaways to earn money in any economy, whether it’s now or five years from now. As always, I’m so grateful for those of you who join (live or on the replay), so I’m giving away my 90-minute Masterclass: 4 Ways To Grow Your Business. Bring your questions and comments and I’ll see you there!