Is this solving the problem I have?
Posted on March 14, 2023

Before you invest ask, “Is this solving the problem I have?”

If your problem is that you need more clients…investing a ton of 💰 into a website isn’t going to solve that problem!

A ‘good’ website is good enough and you can build a six and multi-six-figure business with a ‘good’ website.

I am an example of that so I know!

I made about $100k a year before I spent one dime on my website.

A fancy website doesn’t equal more clients (unless you’re a website designer).

What does = more clients is consistently showing up in front of your audience.

Consistently giving them value.

Consistently building know, like, and trust.

THAT is what makes people want to buy from you which = clients which = cash!

If you’re frustrated because you’ve spent tons of 💰 on things that didn’t get you clients I have a FREE offer for you!

I invite you to book a FREE Consistent Content for Consistent Five Figure Months Call!

Together we’ll create action steps that WILL actually move the needle forward in your business so you can show up consistently and create a streamlined process to book more clients!

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