In the immortal words of The Doors
Posted on September 18, 2020

“‘The time to hesitate is through.'” -Lucas, Empire Records

COVI-19 is changing the way we vote this year with the number of absentee ballots in SC expected to rise!

Already, SC voters have requested more mail-in ballots than in SC four years ago. How to make sure your vote is counted? Start early!

The postal workers are working as hard as they can but we need to help them out!

If you plan to vote absentee make sure you’re registered and your information is updated. The online registration deadline is Oct 4. Then fill out an application and submit it by Oct 30. You will receive your ballot in the mail. Complete your ballot and return via mail or drop off to your county’s election office. Your ballot must be received via mail or in person drop off by 7:00 PM on Nov 3.

Here is some information on SC Absentee Voting.

If you think there may be ANY chance you can’t make it to the poles on Nov. 3rd then start early for your absentee ballot!

Another great Lucas quote…”I do not regret the things I have done, but those I did not do.” #SCVotes #rockthevote

Botany Bay, SC photo cred to my dad Steve Cain