In 2024, businesses are closing their doors and revenue is down.
Posted on June 5, 2024

As a bookkeeper, I know when cash is tight my services are some of the first to cut and a business owner will have their admin assistant try to replace it.

As a 1:1 VIP coach who helps my clients create tens of thousands of dollars in new revenue I KNOW that no admin assistant is going to replace me!

I’m not being a jerk here…it’s just true.

My clients get epic results from working with me and support from someone else isn’t going to do the trick.

Your DFY services are very replaceable when cash gets tight for business owners.

A spouse can provide the website tweaks.
A business owner will schedule/post their content.
A busy mom will skimp on her wellness and self-care.

Do we recommend these things? Of course not…but after being a DFY provider for 8+ years I’ve seen it happen countless times.

When the economy does funky things. When the online space is crowded and businesses are making less cash and closing their doors…I want YOU to be the savvy DFY provider who grows your revenue.

If you’re ready to make yourself irreplaceable to your clients you’re going to want to grab a Sold Out Strategy Session for DFY providers scaling to $10k months!

On your free 1:1 session you’ll get:
👉Clarity around what you bring to the table that will have you stand out in a crowded online space
👉The problem your audience has that they are willing to pay you big bucks to solve.
👉How to map out the strategy to create a simple process to roll this out and have it create recurring five-figure months for you.

DM me “SoldOut” to get access to my schedule so that you can create your Sold Out high-ticket offer that isn’t on the chopping block when online businesses are struggling!

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