I’m patient with my results and I’m impatient with my own BS. 😅
Posted on March 25, 2024

What that means….I’m willing to give myself grace and give myself so much credit.

❌ I am NOT willing to be patient with my own bullsh** that my brain wants to kick up.
❌ I am NOT willing to let BS run the show
❌ I am NOT willing to let my fears hold me back from the results I want.

This may sound simple (and it is!) but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Let’s be clear….not putting up with our brain’s BS is hard!
Our brains try SO hard to keep us safe.
That’s literally its job and has been for thousands of years.

Our brains may kick up that:
I need to “Finish X project before I can focus on my business.”
Or that “because of the economy I won’t get fully booked.”
Or that my “prices are too high” “not the right fit” or “no one is buying high ticket offers”.

Luckily, I work behind the scenes with countless clients so I KNOW these things are not true.

But…when our brains hand it to us…it’s SO easy to believe!

I don’t know who needs to hear this now but…I lovingly invite you to call BS on your brain.
I lovingly invite you to be patient with yourself and your results
And NOT be patient with your brain’s BS.

If you’re ready to stop the BS in your brain that says you can’t turn your DFY services into a higher ticket offer…I got you!

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